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10/05/2014 Improving communication

Was introduced a new channel for communication with customers - Chat online from the website and chat directly from the administration. Chat will, where possible, improved and expanded its functionality. Can be used as a supplement to free websites.


07/17/2014 Languages ​​to free sites

After a quick technical modifications to the site it is possible to publish content in languages ​​correctly treated by search engines. The CMS admin panel language module is activated, mode switching is done by a single click on the desired flag.


10/06/2014 Support AdWords campaigns

To the website for free, you can (but already surcharge) order AdWords promotional campaigns involving the publication of the agreed period of ad slots. Keywords that will promote a website is determined after consultation with the client.


24/05/2014 Application form page for positioning

We've added a short form to send the address of the page you want to position. Free web page created in entro.pl have gratis positioning for 6 months but require a procedure for determining the positioning and phrases to accept the terms and conditions of this service. Positioning procedure is initiated by this form. For all other sites will send an offer for positioning.


05/15/2014 New Template

We have provided users with a new, free graphic template called TANGO (an example of) in three different colors. The template includes a new, not used before the ability to create animated graphics in the form of vignettes slideshow with animated overlay advertising slogan. Masthead graphic slides can be assigned to any pages or generally to all subpages.

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  • photo galleries,
  • location maps,
  • animated background image (cover)
  • 7-day trial period,
  • statistics to enter the site,
  • positioning in Google,
  • Site in any domain,
  • assistance in developing a
  • accessories on request


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