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Seo (ang. Search engine optimization - SEO) is the most effective advertising technique on the Internet. Good positioning, enable its customers to quickly find in catalogs and search engine sites such as np.Google.

Note! Positioning free for 6 months for customers

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According to the statistics - 90% of internet users use search engines: Google, Bing, and Onet. So it's best to focus on these three search engines, Google in particular - which is used by 95% of users. (As of 16/11/2013)

It happens that the site is very valuable and functional, but few people know of its existence because it is not positioning.

Free positioning (for 6 months) only applies to sites EntroCMS system.

  1. Website must be fully activated in EntroCMS
  2. Before starting positioning is necessary to determine the positioning of phrases.
  3. Start of work on the page in the search engine position is confirmed by a letter of e-mail
  4. The Contractor may refuse to accept the parties to work on the position in the search engine

Only systematic work and the results will give you control in this case, the expected results, in the form of queries from clients on the Internet. Achieving leadership in the search engine will point many inquiries from customers. It is sufficient to match the offer so that the goods are sold and well lead the sales process.

One of the necessary conditions to ours (even a free website) won the expected popularity, is the site code optimization and optimization of its content. Going further comparisons and examples trail - admittedly much better talking to us from people who speak clearly and to the point?

Code, meta tags, also known as metatagami, including szerg arranged respectively content information website and technology of its implementation. These tags are recorded by search engines, and on the basis of complex algorithms receive a precise place in the search results.


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